So this is what it feels like (again).

I have been worried about starting a blog of what I have been going through. After all, I hardly think everyone wants to know what it’s like to go through cancer. Let alone for a second time.

So I decided to create a website built around my content and situation. You see, if you visit every so often, you won’t always get an article about my journey through cancer. You may also get a sketch, humor article, or updates about my apps.

I just want this site to be a place where I can display some of the things that rush around in my brain that keep me up at night. Maybe someone else will be able to say “me too!” or another will think “that’s odd” but I am (sort of) okay with both responses. So please join me on my journey of content. I promise not to use too many swear words.

And if I have ruined your time visiting, please end your journey with this picture of my dog, Westley.

Westley helps with the laundry.
Westley helps with the laundry.

2 thoughts on “So this is what it feels like (again).

  1. I’m only here for more Westley photos hahaha JK JK Miss you ❤ can't wait to see what things come out of that brain of yours since we can't have late night drinking chat sessions in your kitchen lol


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